Mueller Austin Solar SunFlowers | An Electric Garden

Welcome to Mueller Austin Solar SunFlowers

SunFlowers — An Electric Garden is a sustainable, iconic public art installation that, powered by the sun, establishes a bold west entrance to the Mueller community in Austin, Texas. Artists Mags Harries and Lajos Heder merge the artistic elements of light, color and shadow with the science of energy and sustainability to create SunFlowers.

A hiking trail winds among the towering, flower-like sculptures that provide patterns of shade during the day and, through their photovoltaic arrays, illuminate the SunFlowers at night. This dramatic work of art visually enriches its environment while helping to sustain it. We invite you to learn more about the SunFlowers here, from their aesthetics to their energy performance and positive environmental impact.

Making a Difference

Since monitoring began, these system has generated 386006 kilowatt hours of energy.

Enough to offset:

miles worth of carbon emissions from the average American car.
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